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Welcome! I'm Miche and I am a Trauma Transcendence Coach and an intuitive based body and energy practitioner with over 20+ years of clinical experience.

Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps you are facing a major shift or transition in your life and are unable to see how to best move forward. We all have challenging times in our lives. My goal is to help you to move around these challenges with ease, reconnecting you to your own intuition and empowering you to see the way forward with clarity.

I am committed to supporting you in identifying and overcoming core beliefs that may be creating the feeling of being stuck and limiting your potential, holding you back from everything you deserve.

Together, we will push boundaries and reconcile past experiences in order to help you overcome perceived limitations - and come up with a support plan designed just for you.

I believe you already have the intuition to identify the source of your physical and emotional restrictions, and the power to release them, now and forever.



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Phil Demers 'The Walrus Whisperer' - mention on the Joe Rogan Podcast 2020

"I still can't believe you got to the root of my pain yesterday. I've been to healers and psychics and no one has been able to connect the dots like you have.  Thank you so much, I am so grateful. You left me in a magical place after your energy healing. And I am getting so many "ah-ha moments this morning.  I cant wait for our next session."
~ Karla

“I came to see Michelle by way of referral, and was unaware of what to truly expect or even of what I was seeking. I had a loose understanding that I would be having healing bodywork done alongside a variety of other modalities (sound bath, chakra healing etc.) by an extraordinarily experienced and highly in tune spiritual guide.  
What I underwent with Michelle was much deeper and more profound than I could have expected.  Michelle has an incredible gift for finding areas in the body that hold trauma and need releasing.  She was able to lightly touch my body and intuitively find areas of tension in a few seconds, in what would take a massage therapist an hour.  
Using sound healing, guided breathwork and touch Michelle also was able to open my Chakras and, align them in a way that I have never felt.  What started as a white light entering from my toes and getting stuck in my throat as a purple swirl ended up opened through my head in a white light.  Michelle truly took me to another space and my experience was deep, heart opening and profound. Many thanks Michelle."
~ Peta

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing treatment! You've created a beautiful, sacred space and I'm so grateful for the exchange of energy. You facilitated a deeply relaxing, healing and inspiring experience. I'm grateful (and excited) to have met my spirit animal during the session. The sound bath, the massage, the energy work are beyond any RMT I've experienced. You're amazing. I can't wait to be back."
~ Gena

"I don't think you realize the incredible gift you have, it's magic truly. What you possess is channelled and magical and I know it's exactly what my body needs."
~ Geoff

Client Testimonials

About My Approach

My belief is that each of us is born with the capacity for self-realization, self-expression, and self-fulfillment. Most of us have experienced a range of trauma from minor disturbances to catastrophic events. These experiences get recorded and stored on a cellular and subconscious level causing tension, illness and other imbalances in our bodies, emotions, and general perceptions (and therefore experience) of the world. They sabotage our freedom and ability to make choices that serve us and prevent us from realizing our full potential.

In supporting you to transform and reconcile past trauma, we reprogram negative core beliefs creating space for positive movement forward.

Together we will develop and customize an individualized support plan using a variety of tools to support you in:


  • freeing yourself from past trauma, habits, scarcity and denial;

  • empowering you to create and maintain healthy boundaries;

  • expressing yourself through rewarding work and joyful play;

  • enjoying meaningful and healthy relationships;

  • experiencing optimal physical, emotional and mental wellness; and

  • having the integrity and confidence to say what you mean and mean what you say.       

It is my heartfelt goal to serve as your guide in realizing your authentic, amazing self and living your life with purpose and joy!           

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Toronto, Ontario


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