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Client Testimonials

"(Michelle) and I embarked on a journey and I just want to thank her, because she has helped me."

"I would have not known the benefits of meditation and breathing because I wasn't there yet. My mind was such that I wasn't able to sit down and do these things and she helped me do that. And so I want to thank Michelle for that."

Phil Demers 'The Walrus Whisperer' - mention on the Joe Rogan Podcast 2020

My Akashic reading with Miche was deeply transformative.  She seamlessly connected my with my guides, providing clarity for my journey ahead. Her channeling resonated powerfully, echoing and amplifying my inner truths.  Since our session, I'm filled with anticipation and excitement fot for the new path unfolding before me!
~ Eddy Tony

Michelle is incredibly powerful and extemely gifted. Working with her has improved the quality of my life and I look forward to every session.  She has helped me, and all three of my children, clear negative emotions, creative blocks and obstacles standing in the way of success. She has an amazing gift and is truly invested in helping people. We are all lucky to have her. If you need physical, emotional or spiritual help, I wholeheartedly recommend Miche.
~ Thelma

My experience with Miche was incredible. She is a pure and powerful healer who was able to connect with me. She has been spot on when she did my Akashic Record reading, telling me where my blocks are and helping me with them. Her readings have been very accurate for me. She is always willing to listen and go above and beyond to help me.
You are a gem! Thank you Miche!
~ RJ

"I still can't believe you got to the root of my pain yesterday. I've been to healers and psychics and no one has been able to connect the dots like you have.  Thank you so much, I am so grateful. You left me in a magical place after your energy healing. And I am getting so many "ah-ha moments this morning.  I cant wait for our next session."
~ Karla

I had an Akashic Record reading by Miche. It was like she reached into my eternal Soul and brought the themes and wisdom of many lifetimes together for me to review and reflect on. A very intense but loving experience that shook me up, in a good way.  It has helped to propel me forward into a much needed shift in my life.
Miche is the real deal!
~ Kira

"I don't think you realize the incredible gift you have, it's magic truly. What you possess is channelled and magical and I know it's exactly what my body needs."
~ Geoff

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