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My Services

Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps you are facing a major shift or transition in your life and are unable to see how to best move forward. We all have challenging times in our lives. My goal is to help you to move around these challenges with ease, reconnecting you to your own intuition and empowering you to see the way forward with clarity.

As your certified Trauma Transcendence Coach, I offer you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential. Free discovery call available to help you determine if my services would be of benefit to your needs.


Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to cope with stress and anxiety as well as to access and address deeply held and hidden limiting beliefs.

This is a 60 minute online hypnosis session, allowing for a personalized & powerful opportunity for deep healing and transformation.



Hypnosis with Breathwork is a powerful combination to help overcome limiting beliefs, reprogram neural pathways and restore balance to the nervous system.

This is a 2 hour online healing session - allowing for a personalized and powerful opportunity for deep healing and expansion. It is a combination of coaching, hypnotherapy, breathwork, and energy work.

Remote Healing

Meant to help to release, awaken and realign/recalibrate the nervous system and release any stagnant energies. The goal is to open up energy channels, restoring balance and allow for a greater connection to your own intuition.

This is a 60 minute online healing session focusing energetic restoration and balance.

Touching the Surface
Tarot Card Deck

Tarot Reading

These readings involve soul guidance and channeling from our guides (yours and mine). They are used as tools to provide enlightenment and help to reveal what perceived blockages/limitations may be keeping you feeling stuck.


This is a 60 minute online session to empower you to step into your fullest potential.

Life Path
Akashic Record
Tarot Reading

Akashic Record readings are a powerful tool to offer insight, to help illuminate the way forward towards your karmic life path. These readings involve soul guidance and are a tool to reveal next steps around feeling stuck in life in order to progress with clear insight and understanding.

These readings take as long as they take and are not limited by time - generally the messages take 60-90 minutes.

 Group Facilitation or Corporate Event 

Events, Mindfulness Education, Sound Baths, Guest Facilitation, Guest Speaker. Whatever your needs - ask me how I can contribute to sharing knowledge or offering guidance​​

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