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Miche Wilson

Medicine Woman, Teacher, CHyp.,

Trauma Release Specialist, Breathwork Facilitator

My Story

I am a trauma-based body and energy practitioner with 25 years of clinical experience, including owning my own multi-disciplinary rehabilitation practice for many years. My professional practice has shifted from clinical, physical injury and rehabilitation to mental, emotional & physical manifestations of stress and trauma, resulting in energy blockages, stress disorders and various physical expressions of stored trauma in the body.

I have always been driven to live life fully, to discover and express my highest self in a way that brings me joy and enriches my connection to others.  I realized that to do this I would have to heal from the traumas in my own story. After discovering limitations in what traditional medicine offered, I was drawn to explore a range of alternative therapies and modalities, and have had the privilege of mentoring with many amazing teachers, practitioners, and guides. I developed a deep desire to share this knowledge and tools with others.  My approach is to encourage self-awareness, reconnection to your higher self and the understanding of how our choices, experiences, and emotions can manifest as illness, restrictions, disease, and imbalances within our physical and emotional bodies.

My intention is to provide a secure and safe container to support your own sacred journey from a place of compassion and integrity.  Like a caterpillar who cocoons to allow the transformation and full potential of the butterfly, together we will navigate your needs to allow your own beautifully supported transformation.

Education & Training

  • Daybreak Therapy Training - Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH), specialized in Trauma Release:

    • Clinical Counseling & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy 

    • Mastery in Clinical Hypnotherapy

    • Trauma Specialist in Clinical Hypnotherapy

    • Trauma Transcendence Coaching

  • Peter Arcari - Transformational Sound Practitioner

  • Toronto Sound Academy – Sound Therapy Practitioner

  • Breathwork Facilitation and Integration (Rebirthing and Somatic)

  • Individual Shamanistic Mentorship Guidance/Teaching Including Plant Medicine Facilitation and Integration

  • McMaster University – Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

  • Upledger Institute – Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Trigenics Institute – Trigenics Manual Therapy

  • Reiki Master

  • Trimesters – Doula, Pregnancy and Pre/Post Labour Delivery Support for High Risk and Healthy Pregnancies

  • Bahn Thai – Thai Massage Practitioner

  • Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy – Registered Massage Therapy, Fascial Release Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Therapy

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