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Understanding Tarot Intuitive Workshop

Tarot readings involve soul guidance and are used as tools to reveal what perceived blockages/limitations may be holding you back from moving forward with clear insight and understanding.

With the messages from the guides through the cards, you can receive profound wisdom, direction and clarity towards your purpose, providing the insight needed to see the way forward and follow your life path. 

This guidance provides the potential to create a life of balance and purpose, celebrating all aspects of your true self, and allowing you to step into your fullest power and potential.

Whether your goals are use Tarot as a tool for you own personal growth, to become a reader for others, or to deepen your level of working with and understanding Tarot, this workshop is for you.

Not only will you learn how to connect with the cards for guidance, reading intuitively and from the heart but, to also strengthen your connection to your guides and your own higher awareness.

This workshop includes:

* an intimate group setting to share, grow, develop and learn with others;
* 1:1 ongoing personal follow up mentorship with Miche;
* hands on practical readings allowing for both giving and receiving;
* ongoing community for practice, collaboration and development.

Sunday December 3rd, 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
LIMITED SPOTS - reserve yours today!

DM me or Etransfer $111.00 to

Location: East York - address details provided with registration.

The Time is Now!

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